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My Stash

This is my stash. Most of the fabric is from a fabulous store in Batesville, Marshall Dry Goods. I thought it sounded like a feed store, but it is actually a haven of fabulous fabrics. A very wise friend of mine said that Marshall had done more for women's mental health than anything else in the area. It is packed full of fabrics, notions, and even had the embroidery thread I needed. I squealed when I walked in the door. I think the elderly lady picking out quilting fabrics understood.

The Pooh and blue stars came from Wal-Mart. The Batesville Wal-Mart still has fabrics, thankfully, but its one of the few that still caries it. Too bad, but maybe some boutiques will come into small towns as a result.

This is just the yarn I took with me to Batesville. I'm a little ashamed to have this much yarn and still haven't learned how to knit or crochet properly. I have lofty goals, but until then, I'll keep loom knitting. Despite being June, I've continued churning out hats. …