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Demi Lovato Concert

Over the July 4 weekend, I went with my friends Daniel and Casey to see the Demi Lovato concert at Altell/Verizon Arena. We are all in our 20s and felt very old at this concert.
We had awesome 4th row seats. That's Daniel's hand and Demi.
David Archuleta and KSM were the opening acts. The 12 year old female population of Arkansas loves them some David.
First "real" concert (not Christmas or orchestra related) was pretty mild. I mean, the hearing loss didn't even last all night.


I had no idea what a pineapple plant looked like until I stumbled onto this beauty in the college's greenhouse. I personally am not a fan of the pineapple. How about you?


I don't think he appreciate having his picture taken. Oh well. Love you, Dad.

Healthy Goals: Warming Up to Excercise?

Wiki Commons Photo Credit
I suppose most people set goals to be healthier on Dec. 31 or Jan. 1 (my actual New Year's Revolution is going swell, thanks for asking), but I'm planning on setting some healthy goals for my 3rd year of college. I'd particularly like to focus on food and exercises.
I am not as interested in loosing weight (though that would be great) as much as toning up, eating less junk, and improving my general health and mood. Right now, I'm trying to prepare legitimate goals and figure out some of my personal roadblocks so I can fix them now. One of my potential roadblocks is that most exercises routines feel goofy, isolating, or boring for me after a few sessions. I don't see much progress, am bored, and generally give up.
However, I recently read a series of Wired articles on Exercise, Biometrics, Nutrition, and Nike+. I've thought about switching to an iPod (I currently have a clunky Zen and a tiny USB player) and was really impressed by the Ni…

My Fabulous Orange Chair

I'm not sure what to call it, antique-ing or flea marketing, but whatever it is, Mom and I have spent some serious quality time doing it. This is the fabulous orange vinyl chair I haggled for in Paragould. I've just dumped it in my room for now, but I have big plans for this chair. The seat is in decent shape and could easily be reupholstered, but I really love the architecture of this fabulous little chair. Its just so simply pretty and functional.
Perhaps even better, on our way home from purchasing it, we stopped to check on Dad in the hay field. We took the chair down from my truck bed, and Dad sat in it while eating lunch. We got some strange looks from bypassers.

A Woman, A Plan....

A dress? I've fallen in love with 1950s styles lately and would love to kick off the school year with a classy outfit. This might just be the candidate. Dress style A (far left) in brown and blue. This pattern says its "very easy," but I guess I'll find out.

Caving: A Post!

On my day off last week, I went into a cave with a UBMS (Upward Bound Math-Science) class, Dr. Thomas, and Melissa. Wow, what an awesome work out! The cave is full of these massive boulders with lots of little crevices and holes. I had a blast crawling all over the place with my neat helmet + light combo. Very awesome way to start a day off, I've got to say.