Friday, August 8, 2008

Transfer Student

I would like to see statistics on how many people transfer colleges. I'm doing it and so are several people from my high school class. Not that my high school class is a good indicator; we've always done crazy things like that.

I once changed my major on a flip of a coin, and I feel a lot like that about this decision. In about a month, I've applied and deposited to a new college. I'm leaving the big university for a private religiously affiliated college. I started out with about 18,000 classmates and will now have 500.

You, gentle reader, may be inclined to ask me why I would make such a drastic change in so short of time. You might also want to inquire on my mental health and if you over the age of 55, you may want to know what my PLAN might be. Because I must have a PLAN.

Well, I do have a plan. Sort of. I want to enjoy my undergraduate degree AND finish it, whatever it ends up being. I really want to indulge my need to craft and volunteer. I want to be a Big Fish again. I want to be closer to my family. I want to go to graduate school. And maybe rule Cuba one day. Just kidding.

I've decided in the last month that I'm okay with a little debt. The Boy has been supportive (as always) and I believe that this decision is in my best interest. I think.

And that's how I decided to transfer. I'm scared, of course. New place, new faces. Probably a new major. Maybe it will work out. Hope so, anyways.


Unknown said...

Hey Lange. You, The Boy, and I could oversee our own socialist utopia in Cuba. What an amazing triumvirate we would make.

Ms. L said...

Hells yeah!

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