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PMD: Guest Post!

Today's post is from Rachel Millsop, mountain biking diva extraordinaire!   

How long have you interested in design? Ever since I was little I remember always being interested in design; I used to watch HGTV as a kid. I have been fascinated by spatial relationships. I love architecture and have a little bit of interest in landscape design.  

Can you tell me a little about your major or career plans?
 Well, I started out being an art major. After my second semester in college I decided to change my major to psychology (quite a jump). Hopefully I will be able to blend my art passion and my interest in psychology together. I hope to become an art-therapist after I graduate. This way I can utilize my interest in art and help people with their issues at the same time. Who knows, I may change my major again to design...we'll just have to see how things pan out.

How much do you think a design can affect someone?
 I believe design can affect individuals. Just think, everyone has their own opinions, likes/dislikes when it comes to design, so naturally design can be a large part of an individuals' life. To most people, their home is a sanctuary; the design that is chosen reflects an individuals' personal style and personality. Design lets people express themselves.

 How does color, design, and the arrangement of a space affect someone? Color has a major impact on an individual; bright colors can lift you up, and energize you. Dark colors are soothing, calming, and relaxing. Colors can affect individuals' mood and activities. I beleieve color choice in the home is especially important. Arrangement of space depends on the individual. A cluttered space may seem "more like home" to one person, while the next feels claustrophobic. 

Do you have a favorite color, photo, or song that makes a hard day easier? Usually if I'm having a hard day, looking at pictures of nature helps to calm and makes me feel at peace.
What are some of the pros and cons of a typical small living space, such as a dorm or starting apartment? Some of the pros are: less area to clean up and easier to decorate. Cons are not enough room and  not full ability to decorate (such as paint the walls).

Since you are an avid biker and enjoy card making, how do you deal with storage of your bike and supplies? This has continually been a problem that I have had to deal with. I now have 3 bikes, but luckily I have been able to live in spaces that have more room. My first semester I lived in a dorm that had an extra room for my (and my roommates) bikes. Now I live in an apartment off-campus with a bunch of teammates, and we use the entrance hallway as a line-up for our bikes. My art stuff has created more of a problem. I have a lot of stuff that I like to have with me. I use storage boxes and containers to store all of my art stuff together in a small space. I have had to leave some of my art stuff at home because I do not have the room to keep it all with me. I would really like to take my sewing machine with me, but it is way too big, so it stays home. The essential art materials I do take with me to college, and use often.

How have you personalized your space(s)? Any project you particularly have enjoyed? 
I have put up a lot of photos and posters around my room. I have also some of my bike parts (an extra frame, and odds and ends pieces) hanging up on my wall for art. I really enjoyed making curtains for my windows. They took quite a bit of time, but they are the most useful thing I have put in my room so far. 

Is there anything you just can't live without or that you really recommend including in a dorm room? The pasta cooker I have it really great in a dorm room situation. Also, good lighting I think is really important. Organization tools, storage containers, decorative boxes, baskets, ect. can be extremely helpful with creating a dorm room. Anything that makes you feel at home and comfortable in your space is a must.
What's your favorite... a) color, b) type of art or craft, c) food, d) book, e) movie. 
Color: Red, Orange, & Yellow
Type of art/craft: greeting card making
Food: Anything Italian
Book: The Magus
Movie: Life or Something Like It and Memento


Great interview, but now I want Italian food! =)
J. Lange said…
Italian is so divine, its true!

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