Sunday, February 13, 2011

Teach for America

I have created a specifically TFA blog. I'm sure I will occasionally double dip on the posting, like today! Here's my first post:

I first heard about Teach for America as a college freshman. My boyfriend at the time attended the University of Oklahoma, and I attended the University of Arkansas (Fayetteville). He was in a speech class and the first assignment was a short speech on how to save the world. ( No biggie, right?) Well, a girl in his class did a presentation on TFA.

Fast forward four years, he’s in love with his boyfriend, and I’m in love with TFA. I transfered to a small liberal arts college closer to home my sophomore year, but kept researching TFA. I applied during the second deadline, skipped the phone interview, and interviewed at Rhodes College. A few weeks later, my school’s cafeteria burned to the ground, so I was eating lunch in the library when I got a phone call to check my acceptance status. My best friend had to read the acceptance to me; I think my squeals scared the librarian. I am (tentatively) slated to be an elementary teacher in the Mississippi Delta.

I am over the moon with excitement; I have interlibrary loaned a stack of books, downloaded podcasts, and hunted down every teacher I know. I took the Praxis I at the end of January, and I just signed up for the next two tests. I’m taking one during spring break, and I have to drive the approximately 4 hours to Little Rock because I procrastinated on signing up. (Oops?) I have signed up for the other Praxis II exam on the Saturday before I graduate. You know, right before finals. No pressure, right?

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