Monday, March 14, 2011

Lent Challenge: Probably Cheating

Well, I'm back at college. I'm trying really hard to focus on that fact, because I have papers to write and friends to bond with while I can. However, I also have hundreds of pages of TFA materials to read, background check paperwork to fill out, and a cold dripping out of my sinus cavity.

But, that's kind of how I love to live my life (minus the mucus, of course). I like to stay ridiculously busy; I like to plan years in advance, and then GO GO GO! However, once my body and mind is in motion, it's a beast to stop. Actually, it kinda hurts.

However, that's sort of the point of having a blog, right? Especially a daily challenge-its all about taking a moment to slow down and actually write about the things rattling around in my brain.

And, yeah, I cheated yesterday, though this probably doesn't count as a real post either. At least until I admit this: Life is good. No, really. There are so many ups and downs, so many tragedies, so many reasons to be afraid....but, life really is an amazingly beautiful. Which leads me to...

Prepare thyself, ya'll: I'm going to blog about religion soon. Gird thy loins! ^_^

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