Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Game: Annoying or Enlightening?

I hate playing "the game." In fact, when someone points out that I have "lost the game," I usually tell them I have enough reasons to feel like a loser and that I refuse to allow anyone to make me feel like a failure. However, this video made me think: what if everything we yearn for is ultimately a game we cannot win because we are human? We will one day die, we will always be unsatisfied, we will always lose. And that's okay! Shouldn't it all be about the journey, not the destination? What's the point of only enjoying the piece of paper you get at graduation if you didn't enjoy the steps that got you there?

Maybe next time I "lose the game," I will be reminded that losing is a way to be mindful of the goals I set and to always enjoy the journey. Yeah, it is still a silly game, but maybe it can remind me of something greater instead of being simply annoying.

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