Sunday, March 25, 2012


I miss writing. Research papers, poetry, fiction, blog posts-I miss it all. I don't even post to facebook that much anymore. The last few months have been a blur, all of it exhausting and painful. My job became more than a job, becoming a dementor. Over spring break, I promised myself that I will write every day after school. I don't care what I'm writing, just that I spend some time each day. Most of it will surely be crap, but whatever. I need to get back to thinking, writing, creating.

As I was driving back to my apartment from my parent's house today, the above song came on the radio. I was again struck by the line "leaving home was the hardest thing we ever faced." Cheesy, perhaps, but is the reason this job has been sucking my everlasting soul these last few months also because I'm just plain ole homesick?

Perhaps...but maybe I will always be homesick, no matter where I am-just not when I'm writing. Thankfully.

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