Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I believe.

Herman Melville "[contemplated] a godless universe" in his one-hit wonder of a novel, aka Moby Dick. While this was SHOCKING in the nineteenth century, it's now the norm. The moral universe that govern most books, movies, music, etc. doesn't just contemplated a godless universe-it assumes a godless universe is a fact.

I read "Game of Thrones" over Christmas break. As a lover of epics like Lord of the Rings and Narnia, I was shocked by the lack of a moral balace to "Game." I don't mind sex, violence, or whatever in my media.

But. I was deeply bothered by the moral universe behind "Game." "Bad" guys and "good" guys were much the the same, facing much the same fate in the end. There wasn't a rhyme or reason for it some much, either.

There hasn't been much in the way of rhyme or reason in my life as of late.

Okay, I guess this is what life is like post-college. Or, so I have heard. (Thanks, HBO & "Girls.")

I found myself circling back to God. Two years as a middle school teacher, coming home to a empty apartment every day....well, I guess it was time.

I want to write about my faith.

My often lack of faith.

My need for friends I can see everyday. My need for a relationship. My need to deeply love my friends talking to me on facebook chat (right now), calling (every couple of days), and going to eat pizza (most weekends).

My need to write.

Can I overcome "Game of Thrones" message of a godless universe? Probably not. But can I overcome my own feelings of godlessness with honest writing? Yes.

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