Sunday, August 31, 2014

September Blog Challenge: Google Drive Apps

My school is currently in the middle of seismic shifts in technology. Just this year...

  • New evaluation system using the website Bloomboard to manage files and meetings
  • All teachers now have Macbook Airs (previously desktops running Windows) 
  • Lesson plans to be uploaded through Google drive
  • Moving to a new online gradebook system-called TAC for teacher access system 
I'm sure other schools are also finding themselves attempting changes in technology; unfortunately, it seems like there is just never enough time in the school day to do everything teachers have to do, never mind the new technology tips and trips! However, technology can save time and deeply engage students. So, I'm challenging myself to blog about some of the new technology tips and tricks I've found really helpful through the month of September in the hopes that it might help someone out in internet-land. 

My first topic: Making Google Drive work for you... with apps! 

In Google Drive, when you click the big red button in the upper left corner marked 'create', you will have the option of using all of Google Drive's version of documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. For your every day life, these programs work perfectly well. However, for many teachers, they just don't have the same features as more traditional programs, like Microsoft's Powerpoint. My favorite app to replace presentations and Microsoft's Powerpoint in Zoho Show. Here's how to use it: 

At the bottom of the create page, you will see the button marked "connect more apps." I searched for "powerpoint" and found Zoho Show. You will have to click "yes" to make it the default program to open powerpoint files and other slideshows. 
Once you connect Zoho Show, just click "create" then "Zoho Show." To use this app, like most other apps, you must click accept in order for it to connect with your email and other security features. After that, it will offer you 15 templates to choose from, but then the basic arrangements are a lot like Powerpoint. Here's an example: 
I have personally really loved using Zoho Show; I haven't really even missed Powerpoint! If you find yourself missing certain programs but only have access to Google Drive, try searching in the app store for replacements. You might find something really awesome! 

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