Wednesday, September 17, 2008

PMD: Organization

I'll admit, I suck at staying organized for more than a week at a time. I'll do really good for a few days but then I'll do laundry and forget to put it up for a few hours, and then I throw my dirty clothes on the floor in the corner to keep the clean clothes off the bed and.... well, you get the idea. Living in a dorm doesn't really help, what with the lack of real estate and the pile of textbooks that inevitably end up on the floor, the better to trip over when I need to go to the bathroom at 4 am. 

To make it worse, I've become crafty. With all the tiny buttons, sale fabrics, and odds and ends that set my heart a flutter lately, its getting harder to contain all of the stuff  I've acquired. My weakness is yarn. At $1.87 for this absolutely FABULOUS yarn (found it at the Evil Empire of Wal-Mart, I admit it) its the cheapest thrill I can get. (No, seriously, if you have any appreciation at all for yarn, this is pretty much amazing. Best hats yet!) Yarn may keep me entertained for hours, but I have these small-ish odd sized balls left over that run amok. 

Fortunately, I've found these adorable little red cubes at Fred's, a local dollar type store. They are really durable and hold my office things, such as staplers and paper clips, as well as odds and ends of yarn. They meet all my criteria of functional home decor: cheap, cute, and durable. What more can anyone ask for? 


rafalkner said...

What you need are those motorized shelves that WALL E has. Wouldn't that make life grand?

It's a nice picture of your shelves, BTW.

Ms. L said...

WALL E is too adorable for words; his shelving is far superior.

Thanks! One thing this college has going for it is super sturdy shelving. Who knew?

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