Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hawthorne is my boyfriend

Well, this week Hawthorne is my boyfriend anyways. We just finished up a selection of short stories and, of course, the Scarlet Letter in my American Lit I class. I'm writing a paper over "The Birthmark" right now; only 357 words to go!
It is nice revisiting Hawthorne. I enjoy his themes of sin and redemption, and could that boy ever use some color symbolism. However, I am too swamped to really enjoy anything this week. I have a major paper looming in two weeks, a 4 page paper for my advanced composition class, a psychology exam, AND my last creative writing assignment all due before Thanksgiving. It is crunch time and I am really looking forward to picking up a book just because over Christmas break. I miss reading at my own pace like a fat kid misses a cliche baked good.

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