Saturday, August 24, 2019

Lawnmower: A Review

I wrote this review over on Amazon- however, I would not be surprised if it is not approved. Either way, I am memorializing it here. 

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single woman in possession of a good lawn must be in want of a large, expensive, and loud gasoline powered mower- or at least, that is the assumption in my very red-state neighborhood. Neighbors, family members, and complete strangers have voiced their opinion on how I choose to maintain my own yard, never mind their consistent values of self-determination. They seem to consistently judge me as equally liberal or foolish. Of course, this has more to do with my gender and location, than it ever had to do with the utility of my mower.

I have maintained my yard independently with this mower for the entirety of the spring and summer in northeastern Arkansas. This year, has been particularly wet and my grass has grown with wild abandonment. It has been a good mower, never failing me. The only maintenance I need to regularly pay attention to is clearing out any grass that has wrapped around the axle of the wheels. This takes me approximately 30 seconds. I can also easily heft this mower over my fence, instead of walking around to the gate. Equally important to me, I can listen to podcasts or music while enjoying the great outdoors. I do not disturb anyone-human or animal- with my mowing. No frogs or even bugs have been needlessly killed in my pursuit of an orderly yard. Furthermore, I feel a double helping of pride when I look at my yard, because I do not require anyone else's assistance.

I highly recommend this little mower, if this speaks to you. However, I am doing a disservice if I do not caution you- if you live in a place where men routinely lean over your fence, tell you that you are wrong or a filthy hippie, while spitting tobacco at your flowers, then I must tell you- something about this mower will invite new levels of derision. Of course, you wouldn't be one to find yourself on this page if such things bothered you. So, just be ready to scare them with threats of global warming and canceling out their votes as often as possible- whatever keeps you happy.

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