Saturday, July 18, 2009

Healthy Goals: Warming Up to Excercise?

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I suppose most people set goals to be healthier on Dec. 31 or Jan. 1 (my actual New Year's Revolution is going swell, thanks for asking), but I'm planning on setting some healthy goals for my 3rd year of college. I'd particularly like to focus on food and exercises.

I am not as interested in loosing weight (though that would be great) as much as toning up, eating less junk, and improving my general health and mood. Right now, I'm trying to prepare legitimate goals and figure out some of my personal roadblocks so I can fix them now. One of my potential roadblocks is that most exercises routines feel goofy, isolating, or boring for me after a few sessions. I don't see much progress, am bored, and generally give up.

However, I recently read a series of Wired articles on Exercise, Biometrics, Nutrition, and Nike+. I've thought about switching to an iPod (I currently have a clunky Zen and a tiny USB player) and was really impressed by the Nike+ system. However, there are several other tech-y systems that are also interesting as part of an exercises program, including a new pedometer system for the DS and the very popular Wii fit.





Nike+ System

multi-use; Easy to organize/set goals; Mobile;

Cost; iTunes; Running or Walking only;

Shoes: $60-$120


Nano: $149

Touch: $229

Nike+ System: $29

Wii Fit

Fun/Easy; Multi-Player; Good for foul weather;

Records several biometrics; Play other Wii games

Cost; Would I use it? BMI a good measure?


Wii Fit: $84.99

Wii: $200

Nintendo DS Pedometer

Simple: easy to use

Simple: just records steps made




Drew said...

You should let me know how that all works out for you. =) I've been thinking about looking into the Nike+ system, but I'm still not quite willing to take the step to buy the system and really start working yet.

Ms. L said...

I will totally let you know how it works out, Drew! Its a lot of commitment (read: money), but I am seriously thinking about it.

Also, sorry about the funky formatting. I'm having issues, but hopefully they will get fixed soon. Thanks!

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