Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend Update

I guess you guys remember that ice storm we had a few weeks ago? The one that made for some pretty/interesting photo opportunities? 
Well, my parents still do not have power from said ice storm, but I decided to go visit them this weekend anyways. Which was pretty fun, though I didn't get much homework done in the electric-less wastelands of the Homeland. All the trees are broken and sad and look sorta like a very selective nuclear bomb may have went off. 
My Homeland has been declared a natural disaster as a result of all the carnage, which is awful, but we did get bottled water and MRE's delivered by the powers that be earlier in the week. My mom insisted I take three of them, which for some reason the photo refuses to be rotated. Perhaps I will blog about my experiences with the MREs....
And in case you thought I forgot about the crafty bit of this blog, here's a hint at my latest creation. I can't reveal it just yet (its a gift), but I had fun playing with my camera while creating it. Okay, to the homework now! 

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with your present! :D Also, best of luck to everyone back in Hooker, I hope that they can get their power back soon. But MREs look interesting, let me know how those work out.

Thanks for the congratulations, and yeah, economics is a very sexy science. I look forward to reading the book. I got a huge discount off of it because, a) I'm a B&N member, now and b) it was the only copy and it was slightly damaged on the back.

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